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“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.”

I have to say that the most requested workout routine for this blog always has to do with abs… or specifically, anything to do with core strength. Now, whether you want to build your abs or just build a stronger core, it requires daily work – NOT just once in a while.  During any mud run, having a strong core allows you to take on any obstacle, even when you get fatigued.

For myself, I plank for a minute or two every morning while I’m on the road.  I’m usually up at a ridiculous hour, so making myself literally roll out of bed and force myself into an ‘elbow’ plank for a minute or two is enough to actually get enough blood flowing to wake me up!  I have to squeeze many muscles and breathe properly, but I can keep my eyes closed until I’m awake.  Try it.  It works.

However, this morning I had to wake even earlier to reposition the plane so I’m finally getting to my WOD…  After getting bounced around the storms in Florida, I got to my hotel room and just laid on floor, then pounded out this WOD.   Call me crazy, but the more I did it, the more energized I felt.

This is it!

WOD 6-27-14 (my crazy core workout)

Main set:
10 crunches (slow contractions, with a 1-second pause at the top)
10 laying leg raises
10 crunches
10 mountain climbers
10 crunches
10 burpees

I list 10 reps here, but you can choose any number.  Mine was actually 25.  Adjust it to your ability, but whatever number you choose, stick with it as you repeat the entire seat.  I think I got seven sets (I lost count)… 😀

STRETCH OUT afterwards.  It’s important.  I like the ‘cobra’ yoga pose.  It’s a really great stretch after working your core – it just feels so good!

ENJOY! You got this.


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