My favorite exercises while on the road.

Posted: July 25, 2014 in WODs
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“Do or do not. There is no try” – Yoda

Instead of posting my WOD this morning (which was ‘just’ a 3-mile run here in the thinner air of Colorado),  I thought I’d share my favorite exercises when I’m away from home.  The truth is that I do some type of physical activity every day I’m on the road.  Sometimes it’s just 5-10 minutes in the morning and/or evening, but I’m always doing some activity that pumps me up.  It’s difficult living out of a suitcase, never being in the same city for more than one night, so I do what I can instead of doing nothing at all.

I often get criticized for my WODs not being intense enough, or that they’re boring, or… some other reasons.  I understand where it all comes from but, for me, I understand that ‘making’ my body move every day is the one thing that I can do to keep myself on track.  My WODs are not always part of a training program, they are designed to be incorporated into my everyday life.  It doesn’t end after 90 days.  Programs like that will definitely get you amazing results if you put the effort in.  I know first hand as I completed the ‘Insanity’ program six times.  I love the workouts, but I just cannot be that intense all the time for the rest of my life.  The WODs I post have become my way of keeping the results I have achieved earlier, but also help me build the type of body that will allow me to life my life as a family man, a business owner *and* an obstacle racer – a functional one.

The daily activity I’ve incorporated into my life may not always improve my body every single time, but they definitely keep me from losing whatever I’ve gained.  That’s the simple truth behind my WODs.  I post what I intend to do, then adjust it accordingly to how I feel as I go through the motions, making it more or less intense as I go through my sets.

Having droned on like that, here is the real reason why I’m writing all this… Here are my ‘go to’ exercises while I’m traveling.

  1. Pushups
    • I change these up often.  I can usually roll of bed and lay of the floor with my face down and starting pumping out repetitions as soon as I wake up enough in the morning.  I always aim for about 100, but when it starts feeling ‘easy’, I’ll make them plyometric – like ‘clapping pushups’ where I push hard explosively enough to clap at the top of each rep.  I’ll also do them on my knuckles, or simply just change the angle of my arms to focus more on the triceps.
  2. Pullups
    • I don’t always have access to pullups, but I bring along my SKLZ bands (for lack of a better word).  They don’t have them on their website anymore, but they are just a set of belts you put over a door, then place yourself at an angle on the door, then start a rowing-type action.  Otherwise, I prefer pullups – they are the best bang-for-your-buck exercise while on the road.
  3. Air Squats
    • You can do these anywhere.  Change up your stance, focus on your breathing, tighten your core, and get low.  It’s simple and effective.
  4. Jump rope
    • I’m a huge advocate of jump rope.  Heavier guys like me really get a great workout from jumping rope. I go for about 5 minutes and aim for a certain number of reps.  If you don’t have a rope or are just clumsy, you can still do the action as if you have a rope.
  5. Knee-to-chest jumps
    • I do these outside or in the ‘fitness’ room of the hotel so I don’t make too much noise for anyone in the room below me in the hotel.
  6. Box jumps
    • If I don’t have access to a box, I use stairs where I can find them.  The hotel stairwell usually works pretty good for this.
  7. Planks
    • Don’t underestimate the power of this little gem.  I find it’s a great way to wake up in the morning.  Try it on your elbows to change it up, but don’t go less than 1-minute at a time.  Focus on keeping your core tight and breathing through it.
  8. Mountain climbers
    • I usually add these on at the end of a set of pushups or planks.

That’s it! I draw from these main exercises and try different variations to keep it from getting stale.

Good luck and have fun with these!  See you on Monday.


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