“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.” -Jerry West

Yesterday I climbed up the Cholla Trail of the Camelback mountain here in Phoenix.  I enjoyed the view from the top for a few moments, then ran down the Echo Canyon side of the mountain.  Took another short rest at the bottom, then ran the 2 1/2 miles back to where I parked my truck. Here’s how I did: . It was a great way to find out how well I’m doing in preparation for the Tough Mudder in Toronto in a few weeks.

Well… I’m sore this morning.  Really sore.

Carrying a weighted pack and a Camelbak really made the climb tough, but it made running even more challenging.  Now my whole body is feeling it.

This is all ok because my body is learning to get pushed and learning how to recover.

At any rate, the WOD for today is pretty simple: Burpees + Pullups

WOD 8-4-14

Warm up: Jump Rope (5 mins)Burpees2

Main Set (minimum 4 sets)

  • Burpees, then pullups

***Whatever number of Burpees you complete, double that number for the number of pullups for the number of pullups you need to do.

That’s it!

Pullups are challenging.  Doing them after burpees makes it even harder.  Why do it this way?  In the Tough Mudder, there are several obstacles that will require upper body strength.  Not Herculean strength, but definitely enough to be able to hold yourself up, pull yourself up, or push your way through things.  This WOD simulates these stresses.  From the video of me going through the ‘Funky Monkey’, you can see it has it’s merits.  My friend Chris went through first.  I went second (the guy in the red), and had no issues going through it.  I attribute my success to numerous sets of this particular WOD.

Make sure you stretch out and re-hydrate!

See you on Wednesday!


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