WOD @ allandnieva.me

“Just Do It” – Nike slogan

It’s Friday. I’m keeping it simple. Just go run.

I have trail race in about a week. It’s not mileage today, but just more of an assessment of where I am so that I can focus my next 2 (or 3) training sessions on my weaker areas.

Let’s go!

WOD 9-26-14

Warm up for the run with a light to moderate-paced 5-10 minute walk, followed by light stretching. I prefer dynamic stretches like slow air squats, with a 5 second pause at the bottom.

Main set:

  • Run for a time, as opposed to a distance. I am anticipating a 50 minute time on my race next week, so I’ll run for 50 min and see how far I get.

That’s it!

Stretch out and hydrate!

I’ll be attempting a personal best time-to-climb up Camelback mountain on Sunday morning. I’ll post my gps track when I get done.  See you next week!


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