WOD at allandnieva.me

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”
To do well in an obstacle race it’s necessary to build overall endurance and strength.  Running will build your  endurance, but not help you take on the obstacles.  These races are not just straight running, but stop-and-go running with physical challenges mixed into it.  To prepare myself, I complete workouts like this one to mimic the type of effort required during an obstacle race.

This workout is one of my favorites – ENJOY!

WOD – 10-24-14

Warm Up:  Be sure to loosen up with 5-7 minutes of jumping rope. No rope?  Jump in place and make the motion like you have the rope in your hands!

Main Set:

  • Run 2 miles, then 100 push ups
  • Run 1 mile, then 100 air squats
  • Run 1 mile, then 100 lunges (yes, it will burn)
  • Then 1 mile HIIT run to finish (Cycle through walk, jog, stride, sprint.  I go from telephone pole to telephone pole).  This part simulates the final push at the end of the race.

Cool down by stretching out and re-hydrating.

You’re awesome!

Crossfit workout on Monday – See you then!


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