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“I don’t think of myself as unbreakable. Perhaps I’m just rather flexible and adaptable.” – Aung San Suu Kyi

Last week was quite the challenge. I flew to destinations in eight U.S. states and five Canadian provinces, starting in the Pacific Northwest, going through all the western provinces to Ontario, and finally backtracking westbound to IL. Trying to find time to workout everyday has been challenging.  However, with the possibility of running the Houston Tough Mudder with team, “Liver Punch” at the end of this week, I’ve had to make sure I was keeping up my fitness!

So… enough blah, blah, blah… Let’s get to the WOD!

WOD 10-27-14

Warm-up: 5 minute jump rope

Main set: (Try for 5 sets – scalable to your ability)

  • 14 Push-ups (to make it more challenging, try plyo pushups!)
  • 14 Body weight squats
  • 14 Burpees
  • 14 Crunches
  • 14 Pullups

Cool down with a good stretch while  re-hydrating.

THAT’S IT!  Go hard – this simple workout can be as brutal as you want it to be. It could feel rough going through it if you push for time, but you won’t regret it when you’re done.

See you on Wednesday!


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