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“You need a little bit of insanity to do great things.” – Henry Rollins

Well… I’m still don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to the Houston Tough Mudder. I’m still in St. Louis and have several hours of flying, going all the way to RI, before heading back to PIT to try and catch the late flight or red eye to Houston for a 9am start tomorrow. It’ll be a push, but I so badly want to run that event with Team Liver Punch!  We’ll see.

So in the case that I’ll make it, I run this morning. It was cold. Freezing cold. It took at least 2 miles before I was warm in my shorts and t-shirt, but it got better. In order to be ready for a Tough Mudder, you have to occasionally test your body. Today was my day.

It was a simple WOD. Here we go!

WOD 10-31-14

Warm up: I warmed up on the hotel treadmill, then stretched out.

Main set:

  • RUN!

Go for time or distance, but get out there with the goal of testing yourself. Run 1.5 miles and record your time. Find out how hard you can run and for how long. Mine was to just find out if I could run for an hour in the windy cold. I didn’t cover much ground, but I made it.  In my mind, I feel ready for the Houston Tough Mudder. I just got to get there.

What are you training for? Focus your run on your next goal, whatever it is. Record your results and revisit it in a few weeks.

You got this!

Wish me good luck! See you next week.


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