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“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.” – Jerry West

Early start for me today, but I had a bit time to squeeze in my WOD.

It wasn’t much time, but I still just started slow and worked my intensity up by the end.

Fortunately for me, the hotel I’m staying at has weights and a pullup bar, so my WOD today incorporated those two.

Here it is!

WOD 12-15-14

Warm up: Jump rope – 5 mins

Main set:

*Complete 3-6 rounds of this super-circuit, with a 1-minute rest between each circuit.

  • Dumbbell Push Presses  – 20 reps
  • Bent over Dumbbell Rows – 10 reps/arm
  • Pushups to Failure
  • Dumbbell Curls – 10 reps/arm
  • Dumbbell Skull crushers – 10 reps/arm
  • Pullups to Failure

*Focus on controlling the weight and always keep tension on the muscle group(s) being worked.

*If you have shoulder issues (like me), do your overhead dumbbell presses with a neutral grip. For pushups, position your hands slightly further back than normal, and tuck your elbows closer to your sides instead of flaring them outward, or make them plyometric for a different type of intensity.

COOL DOWN! Take a good 15-minutes to stretch out and re-hydrate yourself.

That’s it! I’m going to go get something to eat! =D

See you on Wednesday!


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