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“You want to have to succeed as much as you want to breathe.” – anon

I have to say that last week was very fast and furious for me. It was one of those weeks where I had to make decisions about what I had wanted to get done. Posting my WOD to this blog was one of them… Should I post my WOD or actually go out and do it. I decided to just make time to do the WOD. Every day. No matter what.

With the race season starting up in a few weeks, I’m really getting frustrated with trying to keep up with all my obligations and my training. My desire to perform better, be stronger, and suffer less injuries next year is what is driving me. I just want to reach my goals that badly.

So… I apologize for not posting last week, but it’s time to just get going again!

Let’s go!

WOD 12-22-14

Warm up: Light jog – 15-20 minutes

Main set:

*Complete 3-6 rounds of this super-circuit, with a 1-minute rest between each circuit.

  • Dumbbell Push Presses  – 20 reps
  • Bent over Dumbbell Rows – 10 reps/arm
  • Pushups to Failure
  • Dumbbell Curls – 10 reps/arm
  • Dumbbell Skull crushers – 10 reps/arm
  • Pullups to Failure

*Focus on controlling the weight and always keep tension on the muscle group(s) being worked.

*If you have shoulder issues (like me), do your overhead dumbbell presses with a neutral grip. For pushups, position your hands slightly further back than normal, and tuck your elbows closer to your sides instead of flaring them outward, or make them plyometric for a different type of intensity.

COOL DOWN! Take a good 15-minutes to stretch out and re-hydrate yourself.

That’s it! Push hard and don’t stop until you get all your reps in! =D

See you on Wednesday!


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