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“You are the culmination of your habits.”

I got injured at my last race – the XTERRA in the SanTan mountains. It was my fault for pushing hard. It was double track, but I was in the midst of other people who had the same mindset of going hard around the slower runners. However, just after the first mile I rolled both my ankles and hurt my knee. I stopped for a few minutes and actually considered not continuing the race. I watched as all those runners I had worked so hard to pass, just slowly filter by me. It was a reality check.

I really evaluated my recurring injury and decided to just slowly start walking. In a minute or two, I pick up the pace and it seemed to feel ok.  I kept an easy 11min/mile pace and, again, started catching up to the slower racers. Of course, I picked up the pace for the last mile and ended up finishing the 7k trail in 48:55. That placed me at 88 out 171 racers.

Not the greatest, but considering I didn’t know if I was going to finish or not, I’ll take it.

So… I’ve begun ‘working out’ instead of ‘training’ to get myself back to zero. The difference between ‘working out’ and ‘training’ is the purpose and goals. When you work out, you are trying to continue to improve or maintain your overall health/strength/fitness. When you are training, you have specific goals – to improve a distance/time run, to play the game better, to be able to push harder in the competition you are preparing for sometime in the future. The former is generalized, with the latter being specialized. I just have to keep reminding myself to take it easy.

During Christmas week, I started an 11-mile trail run in the McDowell mountains with my wife. About a mile in, my knee was telling me to slow down. I did, but then tried to pick up the pace again. After having to wait for me several times, and after my wife urged me to turn around, I finally did so after three miles.

I wasn’t ready.

I was checked out by my health professional and a running coach. I’ve found that I’ve definitely hurt my body, and it stems for some funny movement I’ve somehow added to my running gait.

With the adjustments noted, I ran another 8.5-miles at an easy 11mi/min pace and felt better. Running on the flat road was less likely to put my knee at funny angles. Here’s what it looked like:

Not great, but much better than my trail run the week before AND I didn’t hurt…  and at least now I know what was causing my pain.

So, my goal for this month is to continue to forward progress to eventually get back to zero.What Success Really Looks Like

I’m registered for next two XTERRA trail races here in Arizona in two days, and in a month from now, but my work schedule changed and I’ll be on the road for those two days.  😦

I think that was meant to happen. So I’ll take the break and get healthy again. I’ve been invited to four Tough Mudders around North America, in addition to the one here in AZ, and 11 Spartan Races. In other words, there will be plenty of time to race again. I’ll take this time on the road to recuperate and enjoy moving without pain. 🙂

We all have goals. Just know that in order to achieve those goals, we have to take detours. Understand that it’s part of the journey.

If you’re goal is to start getting back to zero, like me, then look for WODs to return this monday.  In the meantime, happy new year and enjoy your weekend!

Here we go!




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