WOD at allandnieva.me

“I can do this.” -the words you hear from those who succeed

After being on the road for two (very cold, snowy, and dreary) weeks, I ran the AZ Spartan Sprint yesterday. Here’s what it looked like:

My official time for the 5-mile obstacle course: 1:26

Number of burpees completed: 0

Percent of obstacles completed on first attempt: 100

I’m happy with the result. I wasn’t really dominating the running parts – I know I could’ve gone a little faster, but I really just wanted to enjoy dominating the obstacles. …and I did.

I’m definitely bruised up, so the WOD today was an ‘Active Recovery’ session.

Here we go!

WOD 2-9-15 (Active Recovery)

Main set:

  • 15 minute walk/stretch, followed by 25 butt-to-heel air squats (sloooow)
  • ~10 minute walk/stretch, followed by 25 walking lunges/side
  • ~10 minute walk/stretch, followed by two sets of 10 SLOW pushups (3 seconds up and 3 seconds down)
  • ~ 5 minute walk/stretch home

That’s it.

Mine has developed over a few years, so you can develop your own.  The main point of it is to MOVE.  I know you may be sore, but sitting on the couch and hobbling around will only keep you sore longer and won’t allow your body to heal itself.  You need to get the blood flowing.

On Wednesday, we’ll be going for run! See you then.


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