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“Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

I ran the 9K XTERRA Trail race in Black Canyon City, AZ yesterday. I wasn’t planning on running it, but I paid for it last year. So, despite the horrible three weeks I’ve had, I went and ran it. It was pretty bad, but I found myself still able to push hard and that felt good. I ended up running it in a 1:04, which is over six minutes slower than I did it last year. So, over a minute/mile slower!

It was rough. I had every excuse to *not* run it, but I had already committed to it, so… I ran it.

Today, I feel exactly the way I should for having run a race without any preparation… SORE!

So, today after walking the kiddos to school, this is what I’ll be doing on the way back. Fortunately, for me, there is a huge parking lot that I walk through on the way home, so this is perfect for what I need… This is my ‘active recovery’ WOD. I hope you enjoy it!

WOD 3-9-15 (Active Recovery)

Main set:

  • 15 minute walk/stretch, followed by 25 butt-to-heel air squats (sloooow)
  • ~10 minute walk/stretch, followed by 25 walking lunges/side
  • ~10 minute walk/stretch, followed by two sets of 10 SLOW pushups (3 seconds up and 3 seconds down)
  • ~ 5 minute walk/stretch home

15-30 minutes with foam roller and other ‘torture devices’ to help work over my sore areas.

That’s it.

Mine has developed over a few years, so you can develop your own.  The main point of it is to MOVE – You need to get the blood flowing.

On Wednesday, we’ll be going for run! I have the Arizona Tough Mudder coming up next Sunday…


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