HP LaserJet 1022 on Win 8.1

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Tech Support
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LaserJet 1022 on Windows 8 64-bit driver problem

So I found an old HP LaserJet 1022 printer in my back room. Along with it were five unused toner cartridges, so I decided to hook it up to my Win 8.1 desktop.

The install from the HP website didn’t work, so after a quick search, I found this thread.

It reads:

“I’ve got a new ASUS N750J-Notebook (win8.1 64bit) and want to use my old relyable Laserjet 1022. But it doesnt work. So I downloaded a new driver from HP-Homepage. The 1022 is correctly listet in device-manager. But although new driver downloaded and was installed correctly, the 1022 doesn’t print.

Identifying Problems tells me, that the 1022 won’t work with USB 3.0, only will work with 2.0. My ASUS only has USB 3.0, but in the manual ASUS tells that this USB 3.0 ports all are compatible with USB 2.0.

The answer was:

I see by your post that you were able to install the printer, but you aren’t able to print. I would like to help you out today.

Restart the printer and make sure the printer is connected directly to a wall outlet. (don’t use a power hub or a surge protector) This ensures the printer is receiving full power and may help this situation.

Try and print a hardware self test on the printer to find out if it is a hardware or software issue.

Press the Go button on the printer for 5 seconds. (button above the X)

The 3.0 ports are supposed to be backwards compatible. It might be a Print Spooler issue causing this.

Try these steps to see if it will resolve the issue.

Print Jobs from Your HP Laserjet Printer are Stuck in the Print Queue.

Disregard the title. Download and run the Print and Scan Doctor. It will diagnose the issue and might automatically resolve it.

I used this link and the printer issue resolved itself! So… I wanted to share it. I hope it helps someone else out there! 🙂


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