WOD @allandnieva.me

“When you feel like quitting, think about why you started”.

If you’re still following me, I’m repeating last week’s WODs with a few little changes. After going through the workouts, I changed one or two of the exercises because of how it makes my body feel. Try them or go back to what we did last week.  Either way, just get it done!

Here we go!

5-day WOD week! Week 2, Day 1
Warm up: Jump rope (5 mins), then stretch out.

Main set:

  1. Superset – Pullup/Pushup (5 sets) – rest between sets
    • Pullup rep count: 20,15,12,10,10
    • Pushup rep count: 20 reps, every set
  2. Single-Arm Dumbbell row
    • 12 reps/side x 4 sets
  3. Dumbbell Deadlifts (done exactly what it sounds like. Hold two dumbbells and do deadlifts with them!)
    • Rep count: 25,20,15,15


Hydrate and cool down with good stretching session.

Don’t think, just do it.

See you tomorrow!


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