The first half of this year has been… an experience.FallingIntoPlace

At this point in my life the things on my mind were how I was going to deal with my daughter’s boyfriends… driver’s licenses… how to pay for cars for the kids… high school graduations… college funds… my retirement… Figuring out what to do with my life when I was done with flying…

I never thought I’d discover my wife had been cheating on me, getting divorced, selling my house, moving into a new one, flying new aircraft, and meeting an unbelievably wonderful woman in the most unlikely of places…

…all in the past six months.

So many life-changing experiences meant I had to let go of some things in order to give more time to the things that were more important… like my kiddos, my career, and my health. Figuring out where my focus needed to be so that I could not just get back on track, but to be better than when I started has been the biggest challenge.

One of the many things I let go of was this blog. While my health has recovered quite nicely, my fitness has taken a back seat. I still run and complete my WODs around 3-5 times a week and have gotten my diet under control. However, stress is a powerful thing – it has proven to me that it can override all your good intentions and take over if you don’t watch it… Stress hinders progress, lengthens recovery, and destroys willpower.  The result? I’m well above race weight, noticeably weaker, and it is taking me much longer to recover from workouts.

No more.

Starting next week, I’ll be sharing my training plans again. They are different than basic workout sessions. ‘Training’ is for when you are working towards a specific goal. ‘Working out‘ is what you do to maintain what you’ve already achieved with your fitness plan. They are two separate ways of going about your fitness. I’m training for the upcoming season of obstacle course races. The focus is on core strength, flexibility, and stamina. Secondary to that is arm/grip strength, upper body strength, and lower body endurance.

I’ll share my updates, diet tips, and race results, as always. Thank you to everyone who has continued to follow me. I hope you are able to continue to benefit from what I share every week!

Here we go…



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