Grill Regulator

The day after I finished moving into my new-to-me house, I went to start my grill to make burgers for the kiddos. It’s one of their favorite meals, and I love to grill – it’s a win-win.

However, when I went to start my grill, the flame was really low and resulted in insufficient heat.

I checked the gas and there was still plenty left in the tank. I checked the connections and they were wall fine. There were no kinks in the lines and everything looked fine. So my next thought was that it got busted during the move… 😦 Bummer…

But then I remembered the regulator. The output of a typical propane is much more than is required to grill your food. To compensate, a regulator is placed at the output of the tank and regulates the flow of gas. If it senses a leak, it will flow less gas. If everything is normal, the flow is normal. It can also break, but it’s rare. The simple solution is to reset it.

Here’s how reset your propane gas grill regulator… Follow the steps exactly.

  1. Turn off the gas at the propane tank.
  2. Disconnect the gas line from the tank.
  3. Open the grill lid.
  4. Turn all the control valves to high.
  5. Wait for about a minute.
  6. Turn all the control valves to off.
  7. Reconnect the gas line to the tank.
  8. SLOWLY turn on the gas at the tank.
  9. Light the grill normally.
  10. The grill should now have a normal flame.

There you go! I hope this helps!


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