Happy Birthday Mom…

Posted: August 26, 2015 in The world, according to me...
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MommyI have to admit my day started out pretty well…

Then I remembered that today would have been my mom’s birthday.

It was a flood of emotions…

I remember the months following her death. I was numb. I thought I was ok, but I really wasn’t… I remember friends telling me that it would always hurt, but time would help ease the pain.

It has, but… once in a while, all the emotion returns and it all just comes out again.

It’s brutal.

…My mom was never one to celebrate her birthday, but when she did, it was all about making sure others had enjoyed their time during the party.

That’s how she was – always putting others first.

Of all the things she instilled in me, that was the one thing that always stuck with me over the years – the pleasure of serving others… among other things, of course, but I do glean happiness doing things for other people – it’s how she raised me. It’s what makes me happy.

I’m often asked if something could be done in return, but I’ve always felt that someone allowing me to do things for them was reward enough – I tell them that the act, itself, is my reward.

Reflecting on that, today, somehow gave me peace. The one thing that was so important to her – serving – lives on in me.

And that… makes me happy.

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