Progress or Excuses

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” – Thomas Edison

So… yesterday morning, I decided to summit Camelback mountain with my weight pack. I’ve been trying to break my 28-minute ‘barrier’ to summit, with no success. So using the weight pack for a few weeks seems to help with my conditioning and, in turn, my climb times.

At any rate, I keep my phone in the front pocket of the weight vest. After passing the helicopter pad, I realized I had dropped my phone! So, I let Scott continue on while I went back down the mountain to look for my phone, all the while asking people if they had seen it. I made it to the bottom, dropped my weight vest and left it with the ranger, then ran back up to the helicopter pad… no luck.  During the second descent, someone asked if they could text my phone, which they did, and someone had found it! Whew.

I got my phone back and, despite the longer climb time, I felt good. But… on the second ascent, I felt my knees and ankles were definitely still weak. So, today’s WOD was all about leg strength!

Here you go!

WOD 9-21-15

Warm up: Jump rope – 5 minutes

Main set: 5 sets, minimum (I got 9… woot woot!)

  • 25 airsquats
  • 25 box jumps
  • 25 walking lunges (hold dumbbells to increase intensity)

Round out the workout with :

  • 25 pushups, then 1 minute plank (repeat 2 times, minimum)
  • Hanging leg raises to failure (slow up, hold 2 seconds, then back down slow, focus on form, don’t rush)

That’s it!

Make sure you cool down with a good stretching session (this is always key, and definitely important for me), then get in a good meal.

You got this!

See you on Wednesday!



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