In 2011, I couldn’t run half a mile when I started training for the 2012 AZ Tough Mudder. After finishing, I realized the effect the training had on me – I was in the best shape of my life and I knew I could get even better. Since then, it’s been a journey that has had a positive effect on not just me, but my family as well, and I’m thankful for it.

Everything I’ve learned from those who helped me along the way was put into a book. “Mud Running?! Answers to your Questions”, was written in hopes that it could help keep others on the same journey from making the mistakes I did. It’s available on Amazon at http://amzn.to/13AZ1JH – I hope you enjoy the photos!


Last event added on May 7, 2014


 AZ Tough Mudder – 1/15/12 – 12.5 miles and 28 obstacles.

Team “Down with the Brown” finishing the course in just under 3 hours.


















AZ Super Spartan – 2/11/12 – Finished the course with Scott Lew in 2:27 at an 18:22/mile pace.















Gladiator Rock n Run – 3/17/12 – Team “Thracian Rebels”
– It was the first mud run for several of my friends, including my wife! One injury, but everyone had a good time, and we got to meet ‘Nitro’!

Finished the 4.2 mile course in the Estrella Mountains in 1:04:28.








AZ Warrior Dash, Florence, AZ – 4/29/12

Ran the course with Scott Lew and Brad Jackson. Finished the 3.2 mile course in 37:08











5-TorontoSpartanSprint5-TorontoSpartanSprint2Toronto Spartan Sprint – 6/24/12 – I ran this race twice on the same day. I completed 3-mile course in 18:48 on the first attempt.

Toronto Spartan Sprint, take 2 – 6/25/12 – My second attempt on the course was with team Strictly Hardcore Fitness Inc.“. I finished the course slightly faster 57:46. Surprisingly, I could’ve finished even faster but stayed back to help my teammates. It was the first time I truly felt like my training was finally paying off.





5-TorontoSpartanSprint3Toronto Jr. Spartan Race – 6/25/12 – This is Austen and I after he ran his race. I was so proud of him – he kicked some serious butt! =D
















Gladiator Rock n Run, Estrella, AZ – 10/13/12 – My son finished the last half mile of obstacles with me! I finished the 5-mile course in 1:07:32.

Gladiator Rock n Run – 10/13/12. Yeah… that’s my son! Of all the side benefits of my training, this one is my favorite – my kids have picked up on the healthy lifestyle and work ethic.







AZ Devil Dash, Glendale, AZ – 10/20/12 – I finished the 5K course in 26:55

Ran with a few new friends.  I think it was the first mud run for everyone but me at this event!







Sacramento Spartan Beast, Sacramento, CA – 11/17/12 – This was the most brutal race I’ve ever done. The cold wind drove rain sideways into our faces over the entire race. Many of the racers did not finish the 14-mile race.

I was one of the finishers in 4:02:13. Not proud of the time, but I knew that it was time to step up my training.





9-XTERRAMcDowellXTERRA McDowell Mountain, AZ – 2/3/13 – My first trail race! I felt like poop, but I finished the 7K trail run in the McDowell mountains in 43:23. After running along side these competitors, I was knocked down several notches and could see I had a lot of work to do. Runners here are real athletes.








10-AZSpartanSprintSpartan Sprint, McDowell Mountains, AZ, take 2 – 2/10/13 – Austen finished the Jr. Spartan after my second time through the course. It was FREEZING, but he went through his course despite the temps. The second time through this 5-mile obstacle race took me 1:15:17.















AZ Tough Mudder, Mesa, AZ – 2/24/13 – Team “Down with the Brown”.  Up to this point, this was the most epic race for me. Scott was our photog – he should’ve been running with us but had an injury. Still… Q, Mark, and Ben were just the most awesome guys to run with at this event.

We finished this 13-mile obstacle course in 2:45!

12-PhoenixHalf2013Phoenix Half Marathon – 3/2/13 – My first road race! The week before, I had injured my knee at the AZ Tough Mudder and spent the following six days in a knee brace, but still managed a 2:10:36.3 – Yes, I was disappointed, but still ecstatic about crossing the finish line at my first half marathon – something I NEVER thought I’d accomplish.







13-XTERRABlackCanyonXTERRA Black Canyon, AZ – 4/6/13 – 9K Trail run completed in 58:23










14-NVSuperSpartanNevada Super Spartan – 4/6/13 – I felt amazing during this race. I was pulling a great time up until I took a wrong turn when I started following the group from the ‘Biggest Loser’ team. I thought I had just caught up to them, but I was wrong. I went one mile in the wrong direction, so ended up running 10 miles total. I officially finished the 8-mile obstacle course race in 2:28:57. It was definitely a learning experience…

I ran this race for free because I volunteered for six hours after running it, then drove another six hours home after that long day.






15-AZWarriorDashWarrior Dash, Chandler AZ – 4/13/13 – This was the first race that I really didn’t feel good at all. I experienced the effect of lack of sleep and poor diet. I never wanted to feel that way again during a race so I’ve always made sure I keep my diet clean, especially the week before a race. I finished the 5K course in 33:26.

I ran the event with Danny, Teresa, and Shane.







16-GilbertKAPOWSuperheroDashKaPOW SuperHero Run, Freestone Park in Gilbert, AZ – 4/27/13 – Austen, Alyssa, and I ran this one-mile obstacle course race in full costume! From left to right – Black Widow, Captain America, and Iron Man.









17-COMilitarySprintMilitary Spartan Sprint, Colorado Springs, CO – 5/4/13 – I received a Trifecta medal at this race. This was one of the most hilly races I’ve run. Five major inclines, one with an 80lb pack, and the other four had difficult obstacles at the top, including tire flips, concrete pulls, and the atlas ball carry. The altitude didn’t help… I finished the 7-mile course in 1:41:14.







18-BubbleRunBubble Run, Phoenix, AZ – 5/13/13 – Ok… so this was just a fun activity to do with the family. All four of us ran this fun event. This is Austen and I at the finish line.






19-SacramentoSpartanBeast2013Sacramento Spartan Beast – 10/26/13 – I really felt better during this race than the year before. The course was little longer, but the weather was so much better. I finished the 13.6 mile obstacle course in 4:15:16.





20-SanDiegoToughMudderTough Mudder, San Diego, CA – 11/9/13 – This was a crazy fun event! The weather was perfect. I got to run this one with Christopher Hurd – his can-do attitude was so awesome. We finished this 12.7 mile course at around 3:15.








21-XTERRAWhiteTankXTERRA Trail Race, White Tank Mountains, AZ – 1/5/14 – I found out after the race that I had a viral pneumonia which explained why I couldn’t push my pace, especially going up the mountain. I still managed to complete the 8K trail race in 45:58.








22-XTERRAMcDowell2014XTERRA Trail Race, McDowell Mountains, AZ – 2/2/14 – Ran the 7K trail race in 43:03:06









23-AZSpartanSprint2014AZ Spartan Sprint – 2/9/14 – Finishing the 5-mile obstacle course in 1:04:40 placed me at 109 out of the 3309 Sunday racers – my fastest time ever! I definitely felt great during this race and felt I could’ve gone even faster!





24-PhoenixHalf2014Phoenix Half Marathon in Mesa, AZ – 3/13/14 – After a disappointing showing last year, I really wanted to break the 2-hour mark at this race. It rained during the first half of the course, which kept things cool, and I ended with a 1:59:59!

The big thing for me, however, was that I felt great after the run. In fact, during the following week I was able to run another 11 miles and complete three crossfit WODs, so I learned I’m definitely improving myself.






25-XTERRABlackCanyonXTERRA Black Canyon, 3/23/14 – I actually recorded a SLOWER time than last year! I underestimated myself and lined up in back half of the starting area. I got caught with the slow people and never had a chance to pass on the single-track course. My gps showed that at the first water table, I was able to get past the slow group and my pace picked up by almost 2mins/mile! However, it was too late and I closed the 9K course in 59:42.4.







26-LVSuperSpartanSuper Spartan in Las Vegas, NV – 4/5/14 – I ran this race in the ELITE heat with Scott Lew – The venue was in the ‘gravel pits’ north of the city. It was definitely a challenging race, but I finished the 9.2 mile course in 2:20:44, placing me at 245 of 7135 racers.







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