WOD posts

The history/mindset behind my WOD posts

WOD = Workout Of the Day

I get asked quite often if I actually perform the WODs I post.  The answer is, “yes.”‘  Actually, it’s more like, “heck yeah!”

I used to be a Power-Lifter.  I was actually pretty good, but 300-500lbs squats and deadlifts for repetitions, week after week, was quite taxing on my body and joints.  After several years, I found I was more tired and fatigued than refreshed and energetic after my workouts.

That’s when I turned to Crossfit and the ‘Insanity’ program.  From those two programs, I came to realize that I was unhealthy and out of shape.  I could lift huge amounts of weight in a controlled environment, but that strength very rarely manifested itself as a useful tool in my everyday life.

My 5’8″ frame was loaded with muscle size, but I had no cardio, endurance, or stamina.  In the end, I wanted to find a balance.  Plus, I had a power-lifters body.  It was more big and blocky, than toned and sexy.

So, by adapting the basic principles of Crossfit and the Insanity program, I started putting together WODs that helped me achieve my goals of overall fitness and health.  After sharing my workout sessions with a few friends one of them suggested that I post them online.

So now I do.

My WODs may not be for everyone, but I figure that it has a better chance of helping someone, than not.

I post my WODs on the mornings of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Occasionally, I’ll post a few ‘bonus’ workouts for the weekend.  I don’t list when I run – my running schedule depends on my work schedule, but I’ve worked myself up to about +/-10 miles per week.  To say that I ‘hate’ running would be an understatement, but it’s all part of my overall fitness goals – so I run.

Why try my WODs?

  1. They are ‘scalable’
    • I’m always training for the next obstacle race/mud run.  So the set/rep schedules are designed for building stamina and strength for those races.  However, I’ve found that being able to push for these layouts also help me maintain the level of fitness that helps me get through daily life with vigor!  So, always aim for the repetition/set count I post, BUT you can adjust it to better suit your abilities until you’re ready to step it up.  Use it as a guide.  Start out easy and work on form, then add weight and push the rep count as you come ready.   You should always feel challenged during the workout.  It’s you vs you.  I’m not there to personally train you, so it’s up to you to get out of your comfort zone but I can always answer questions you ask through the post.
  2. No need for expensive equipment
    • To truly push yourself, you’re going to need some equipment.  My WODs utilize:
      1. Jump rope (but if you don’t have a jump rope, you can always just do the movement)
      2. Kettle Bell: I use 35lbs (closest to 1 pood, which is about 36lbs)
      3. Pull up bar
      4. 1 1/2′ to 2′ platform for box jumps
  3. Most of the exercises require basic movements
    • The use of basic movements make it easy to: (1) spot yourself, (2) work on form, and (3) push yourself.

The basic premise of my WODs to stick with what works – the basics.

It’s what works. Period. Always has. Always will.

To be most successful with the WODs (or any exercise plan), you must ‘get your mind right’.  The following steps need to be taken:

  1. Set a clear, simple Goal (figure out why you are doing this)
  2. Eat clean, healthy food
  3. Clear your mind and focus on EACH workout
  4. Train with intention and intensity
  5. Record your progress and review it on a regular basis
  6. KEEP GOING – Consistency is the key
  7. Understand that slow progress is still progress

Understand that this is part of a healthy lifestyle.  Getting your butt off the couch and taking steps in the direction of being active is the first part and it’s all up to you.
Browse around my nutrition posts for more information on how to better fuel your workouts – before, during, and after.

If there are any questions about my WODs that you don’t understand, please post it – with the number of daily views, I’m sure that at least another viewer has the same question.

Good luck! Oh, and if you enjoy the posts let me know – I love hearing from all of you!

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